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A big THANK YOU to all my readers and blog followers

May 30, 2014

todayI just wanted to express my deep appreciation for all the readers and regular followers of the Daily Minyan.

For the previous 3 year the Daily Minyan was among the top five most popular Messianic Jewish blogs (not that there was much competition, as there are not than many MJ blogs out there), with tens of thousands of visitors and page views yearly. Then, last summer, came the big change, a spiritual earthquake that shook my world and that of my family to our very foundations. What I believed to be true, that the man Jesus/Yeshua of Christianity was the G-d to whom I owed my salvation, life and worship for the last 20 years (ever since I was a naive but spiritually hungry teenager), turned out to be a lie. Indeed, I realized that in my ignorance I betrayed the G-d my forefathers have served, the Holy One of Israel. Struck to the heart, with repentance and deep remorse I returned to the G-d of my fathers, to the faith of Israel, to Torah. Immediately, I have stopped blogging, shutting down the Daily Minyan for almost half a year.

For the next months, I toiled to rebuild the spiritual foundations from the ground up, both my own and those of my family. Armed with my new found realization and information, I was also able to bring back some of my immediate Messianic Jewish friends to repentance from idolatry, along with their whole families. I also realized that now I could not simply hide, to quietly live out my life as Jew. I had a responsibility to others, especially other Jews sidetracked by Christianity as I was, spiritually perishing, assimilating and wasting their lives in service of another god, cut off from their people, and without the knowledge of the True G-d. I could not stand idly by my neighbor’s blood being shed.

The Daily Minyan was thus “born-again”, now with a new mission. I am thankful that the readership level is now almost a half of what it was before I shut down the blog at its height. Most of the readers and followers are Messianic Gentiles/Christians and Messianic Jews from all over the world. Clearly, there’s great interest and hunger, with many Christians and Messianic Jews suspecting that something is deeply off in their worship of a man-god. They are also troubled and embarrassed by Christianity’s treatment of the Jewish people, by its denigration of Torah, by Replacement Theology and seek to distance themselves from all that. Apostle Paul embarrasses them as well and they seek to reinterpret him. They are very puzzled by the confusing idea of Trinity, of a man-god represented in Jesus being the “Second Person”, and by weak justifications offered by Christianity in its defense. They ask how could worshiping a creature, a human being like themselves, could possibly mesh with Israel’s One G-d, who they know from their Bibles absolutely abhorred even hints of idolatry among Israelites. They seek… and I hope they will find the only one worthy of their worship and service – the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

So, thank you and may we continue to journey together!

Shabbat Shalom!

Gene Shlomovich

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