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Part 2: “Israel is cancer that should be removed”, Iranian writes to me

August 1, 2014

destroy-israelA few days ago I posted an email from my communication with an Iranian man. Below are more of his rantings in reply to my answer to him:

First of all, if USA and the West stopped supporting Israel, Muslims would kill all Israeli citizens. Be sure – do not doubt it. The day the USA stops support you will be the day of genocide against you. You are nothing if USA does not support you. Only USA efforts save Israel. This is why Muslims fight with the USA and this is reason they hate the USA.

You must thank America, because without their help you would be massacred. It is too bad that the Soviet Union didn’t support Muslims the way it should have done.

You always will suffer and be a “victim”. Everybody wants to kill you. Be ready for suicide attacks unless you emigrate to lands where you belong.

The genocidal antisemitic hatred is palpable. And this man is not even a hardcore religious Muslim but merely a cultural one, with university education. I replied to him with this:

Mahmud… read up on some history. America is indeed a friend of Israel (well, with the present administration this is now in doubt). However, during the War of Independence, in 1948, when many Arab armies joined together to attack Israel at her most vulnerable and when Israel was fighting for its very survival, America actually PREVENTED weapons from being shipped to Israel. It even arrested those American Jews who tried to help their brothers in Israel. Ironically, it was the Soviet Union, right before it changed its mind and started to support Muslims with tons of weapons, miraculously permitted Jews to buy some surplus WWII weapons from Czechoslovakia, including abandoned Nazi German planes and weapons.

You claim that Soviet Union didn’t help Muslims enough to destroy Israel. Do you know how many billion of dollars worth of tanks, planes, rockets and guns and training the USSR gave to most of the Muslim countries – not just one little Israel – to MANY of them – huge countries, many times bigger than Israel? Even now Putin ships weapons to them (included your country). USSR even sent their best soldiers to fight for the Muslims against Israel. When I lived in the USSR I knew of Soviet pilots who used to fly for the Arabs against Israel because Arabs were horrible pilots and would get shot down by the Israeli aces!

Again, it is very clear to me from talking to you that even the supposedly MODERATE NON-RELIGIOUS Muslims want to slaughter all Jews just like the Nazis did. Thanks G-d they can’t do anything about it, except to blow themselves up in cafes and buses, send rockets from civilian areas, and then hide behind women and children in schools, mosques and hospitals. Jews are not powerless anymore – they are back in their own country after two thousand years, with big brains, big hearts, strong Army and G-d fighting for them. Israel’s enemies should be very afraid of the tiny Israel. Israel is not an Arab or Muslim homeland – Arab Muslims invaded that land, just like they invaded Egypt, like they invaded Syria, and like they invaded Iran and converted Iranians to Islam – and Arabic religion from Saudi Arabia – 1400 years ago. While this was going on, Jews remained Jews and to this day they worship the same G-d their forefathers did thousands of years ago.

America can’t save Israel and G-d forbid that Israel will come to depend on any foreign country for her help. While America does help Israel financially and provides us with some weaponry (Israel itself manufactures most of the armaments it uses), we had to fight our own wars. Only G-d saves us. Thank G-d!

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  1. August 1, 2014 1:29 pm

    While I admire your tenacity in maintaining your dialogue with your Iranian “friend,” certainly you must realize that you can never reason with him. He is literally wishing death upon you and all Jews everywhere. One cannot reason with a homicidal maniac.

    The one benefit I can see coming out of this, and for all I know this is your reason for maintaining contact with this individual, is that it graphically illustrates, on a person-to-person level, the poisonous hatred Muslims (or at least some/most) have against Jews and Israel.

  2. August 1, 2014 1:53 pm

    James, at first our dialog was friend(lish). But soon my “friend” started to vent his deep-seated animosity towards Jews and their country. Of course this sort of hatred is, as you noted, both irrational (since it refuses to look at facts) and in most cases incurable. This is why the prophets predict destruction of sworn enemies of Israel – they can’t be reasoned with, no amount of grace can help them see their error, and the earth can only be cured of their evil by them being destroyed.

  3. sarah permalink
    August 1, 2014 2:29 pm

    Well stated. saddens me that they are filled with such hatred.

  4. eveliim permalink
    June 8, 2016 6:08 pm

    Brilliant answers, Gene!

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