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Thought of the day: “All religions cannot be correct, as they oppose each other.”

February 4, 2015

all-religionsThe bottom line is that all religions cannot be correct, as they oppose each other. The question: which one is truly God’s law? This question is what we hope to elucidate, with honesty, no politics, and with no animosity towards any other human being. The true Bible teacher teaches out of a concern for others, and nothing else.

I have many friends from many religions, and I do not withhold my opinions, as I feel they will respect that my words are spoken out of my concern for them. I discuss Kosher laws with my Islamic grocery store owner, red bendels with Jews, and why I reject Jesus with Christians. But many Jews remain silent, fearing friction in their relationships with other Jews and Gentiles. Their silence allows those ignorant of truth to remain this way. They are truly selfish and inconsiderate Jews.

When a human sees another as possessing equal rights to existence and knowledge, as he too is created by God’s hands, this should engender a sense of concern for him, equal to one’s self. This is what Hillel taught as man’s primary goal: loving your neighbor as yourself. His concern must then extend to the most primary of areas: this person’s attachment to truth. Teaching should be a natural desire of one who cares for others. And to teach, one must be concerned with truth alone, although he understands that he will ruffle the feathers of some individuals. But this passes, and eventually, the teacher should be viewed as possessing genuine concern for others, and the students will then appreciate his words, no longer emotionally defending their views, but transferring this initial defensive mindset, to a desire to simply know what is true, and what is false. (Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim, from Judaism: Uncompromising)

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  1. remi4321 permalink
    February 4, 2015 1:12 pm

    Hi Gene, I know that time changed, but I have an orthodox friend, who, when she was young would be screamed by catholic “You killed Jesus”. She did not even know who was that Jesus! So the first time I met her, she told me that she never say to anybody that she is Jewish. I think that it is a stigma that happened to Jewish people and it is rooted in them. That’s partially why they do not like to share their beliefs. Also, most Jewish people don’t know their Bible and probably would not know what to answer to a xtian that takes bible out of context. It would not be hard to show that the messiah is eternal “Mica 5:2” that he must die for our sins “Isaiah 53” and that he is born of a virigin “Isaiah 7:15”, that he is called mighty G-d “Isaiah 9:7 and that we must listen to him “The prophet of Deuteronomy”. All those are taken out of context or mistranslated, but for the regular Josef, he won’t know. Most Jewish people I know never read their bible and would not be able to answer the missionaries.

  2. February 4, 2015 1:43 pm

    Remi, what you say is true. I think that the author was referring to those who do know (learned rabbis) and who live in a place where they can speak up (e.g. modern U.S. or other Western democracies), but say nothing so as not to upset anyone or say that all religions are OK. They allow people to continue in falsehoods, instead of being a light to the nations. But it’s true – the long history of hatred of Jews has made many Jews quite timid.

  3. remi4321 permalink
    February 4, 2015 1:57 pm

    You are right Gene. Also, the information is hard to find. It’s hard to find a tanakh or interlinear bible like blueletterbible online. Messianic also use the internet to dupe people to think they are Jewish and not too much is written in the Jewish perspective on the Torah.

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