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Can one convert to Judaism while still worshiping Jesus?

May 28, 2015

MikvahWe live in strange days, folks. Various “messianic” Christian groups, from Bible-belt “Hebrew Roots” to the so called “mainstream messianics” (composed of ethnically-Jewish converts to Evangelical Christianity), now offer their fellow Christians a chance to become “Messianic Jews” through conversion, without compromising their Christian conscience. This means that no changes to the core Christian beliefs that Jews find idolatrous and foreign to Judaism (such as Trinity and deity of Jesus) are required. The chief prerequisite for a “convert” is a “calling” to be part of the Jewish people.

Here are five reasons why all such “conversions” are an oxymoron, nonsensical, deceptive and an utterly futile waste of time:

  1. A Jew, to put it very simply, is a person who is a member of the Jewish people, the nation of Israel. One can be a Jew only through two of the following ways: 1) being born to a Jewish mother, 2) having converted through a recognized Jewish court. Any non-Jewish person who desires to become a Jew must first come to terms with basic requirements of Jewish conversion: he or she must reject any false gods and worship only the G-d of Israel and Him alone and the potential convert must reject all past foreign religious beliefs and practices, promising to obey and practice Torah as given to the Jewish people. Within Judaism, Gentiles coming from any religion who wish to become Jewish are immediately disqualified if they wish to retain their veneration and worship of their old deities. Why? Because they fail to satisfy these most basic of prerequisites, holding on to their cherished idolatry. One cannot become a Jew while continuing to worship a false “god” (Jesus, Buddha, Zeus, a guru, etc) while swearing allegiance to the G-d of Israel. You can’t swear that you will obey Torah while committing idolatry at the very moment you are making that promise.
  2. No Jewish body recognizes a “messianic conversion” or people who have undergone it as “Jews”. No Jewish community, no matter how liberal and accepting, will see either you or your children as Jewish. Even generations from now, your descendants, assuming they keep your religious practices, will still be considered as Christian Gentiles who like to do Jewish things in their churches (similar to Adventists who worship on Saturdays). This means that you will only be a “Jew” to your immediate fellow messianic friends, most of whom are not Jewish themselves.
  3. Your children will not be able to marry Jews, unless those Jews are part of the aging and shrinking pool of Jews who converted to Christianity, most of whose children are not Jewish halachically. Even in Israel intermarriage of Jewish Christians to Gentile Christian is the norm, making their children non-Jewish (in cases where the mother is not Jewish according to Jewish law). Your chances of finding halachically Jewish people in America to marry off your children are virtually nil, and so your children will most likely marry either mainstream Christians or “messianic converts”.
  4. The future of the Jewish people lies in Israel, where more Jews live now than even in the U.S. and where soon the majority of the world’s Jews will reside. However, neither you or your children will be allowed to make aliyah to Israel. (You probably believe that Jesus will come and fix all that one day. Good luck!). Sure, a few have gotten around Israeli laws by obtaining false conversion papers, as some messianic have done, by lying to a mainstream Jewish court or by finding a corrupt rabbi who didn’t care about truth. Even with all that fake paperwork, you will still get into Israel only by deceiving Israel’s immigration authorities. I know quite a few messianics who have done just that (although many have been caught and asked to leave the country).
  5. You have converted “to messianic Judaism”. You will now go around claiming that you are now a Jew because some messianic group has decreed it thus. But in truth, nothing has changed, except in your own mind. You are not a Jew, not even a bad one. Even if you successfully deceive some Jewish people when you visit mainstream synagogues, community centers, or travel to Israel, or simply do not care about what (non-Jesus-worshiping) Jews have to say about your so called “conversion” (and most messianics truly do not care about what real Jews have to say about their actions), you will not be able to deceive the G-d of Israel. You have made your choice by worshiping a false god, and you will never be part of Klal Yisrael by trying to get in through the backdoor.
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  1. Concerned Reader permalink
    May 30, 2015 2:13 pm

    It’s important for Christians to realize something. This post by Gene is not exclusively dealing with a rebuke to Jesus believers. This rebuke is for you If you venerate any rabbi too much, (be it the late rebbe of Lubavitch, or rebbe Nachman of breslov, or even if you are a member of the Domneh and you still venerate Shabbatai Zevi. JESUS ISNT THE ONLY JEW WHO IS VENERATED BY HIS STUDENTS.

    In Judaism, G-d the father is the ONLY one who deserves your heart and service. No other being, (even if you believe this being to be a manifestation of G-d’s power) deserves your heart, prayer, service, or singing (see 2 Kings 18:4 for an example.)

    If you want to have a learned respect for Judaism’s beliefs, realize that it is a religion exclusively dedicated to the service of G-d the father, as he revealed himself at Sinai to Israel. In its most fundamental basic sense, that’s Judaism, no more, no less. There is no new law, no competitor for G-d. ONLY WORSHIP THE FATHER AND NONE ELSE Learn that basic notion, and it will go well with you.

  2. June 1, 2015 4:42 pm


    True, some hasidic rebbes are venerated as tzaddikim (holy men) as have some false messiahs (e.g. Shabbatai Zevi), but only Jesus is worshiped and worshiped as a deity, and not merely by some fringe lunatic elements or renegade sects, but by the mainstream, by hundreds of millions of “orthodox” (i.e. trinitarian) Christians.

  3. Concerned Reader permalink
    June 2, 2015 2:47 am

    There are lubavitchers (very few) who worship the rebbe, the point I was making Gene was that Jews are not being blind or mean to Christians in rejecting Christian claims, nor are Jews unaware of such concepts that became foundational in Christianity. The point is, those ideas are not Torah, and so must be rejected by Jews.

  4. June 2, 2015 11:11 am

    CR, point taken.

  5. jeramiahgiehl permalink
    June 8, 2015 6:00 pm

    You can not worship Jesus and convert to Judaism. A Jew can not attach anything to G-d. HaShem is one, he has no son, and he is our Savior, redeemer and we need no substitute. Jesus died as a man who claimed to be king. A man can’t die for another man’s sins. Human sacrifice is an abomination in Torah. There is no Torah clause where a demi-god man would die for the sins of the world. This strange foreign pagan influenced idea is an abomination that causes the dissolution of the law. It’s the abominable doctrines that pagan non-Jewish followers of a dead Jewish sage later inserted Pythagorian, Platonian and Mithraic ideologies. Actively worshipping Jesus as a being to be worshipped as a G-d or deity is an anti’Jewish foriegn practice. The abholding to Protestant creeds and doctrine platforms that venerate Jesus make one who was Jewish, Christian in belief and practice when they worship Jesus they are indeed Christians and not Jews. G-dfearing gentiles, Noachides of all nations have a place in the world to come. A person converting to Judaism has to declare the Shema, and take on the 613 Mitzvot, you can’t have any other “gods.” no a person can’t convert to Judaism while still worshiping Jesus. I would say though that the more Orthodox leaning Jews who convert Gentiles to “Messianic” Judaism are far better than the groups that convert Jews to Christianity. Even thought those “Messianic” Gentiles maybe considered “Jewish” in their “Messianic” Circles, Jews won’t see them as Jews. Sadly I’ve seen more Orthodox leaning Messianics go to synagogues and try to pass off as Jews and get called up for Aliyah. If only the fackery would stop. I know some Jews want to stay Jewish and believe in Jesus. But they should follow the examples of Geza Vermes, Mark Nanos, Amy Jill Levine, and others who remain Jewish and seek to unravel the anti-Judaism in Christianity in order to deminish and mitigate anti-semitism.

  6. jeramiahgiehl permalink
    June 8, 2015 6:04 pm

    I meant a person can’t convert to Judaism while worshiping Jesus. Typos, oy vay.

  7. Namane Roger permalink
    August 9, 2018 2:46 pm

    Are jews expecting a messiah? if yes, is he going to be called a son of G-D or a prophet?

  8. October 27, 2018 3:50 pm

    “Are jews expecting a messiah? if yes, is he going to be called a son of G-D or a prophet?”

    Yes, Jews are expecting a messiah (which means “anointed”) in the person of a descendant of King David. No, he won’t be called a “son of G-d”, although all Jews are called by G-d “sons of G-d” (Exodus 4:2).

    Yes, he is expected to be a prophet, similar how another great Jewish leader was a prophet – Moses. But not simply in a sense of someone able to predict the future, but also of someone who communicates with G-d and is able to lead and judge difficult matters using that supernatural connection.

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