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Why Jesus is Jewish people’s best chance at survival

April 1, 2016

jesus-embracing-manI know that I have at times been quite critical of Messianic Judaism, a movement of ethnic Jews within Christianity who worship Yeshua as G-d and see him as the messiah. But today I’ve come to realization that Jesus and the Messianic Movement that worships him is what all Jews need to embrace if we are to survive as a people. Here are some reasons for my change of heart:

  1. Holocaust education can only achieve so much. By embracing Christianity and Jesus/Yeshua the Jewish people can be far better positioned to help Christians get rid of their ancient prejudices and realize that Jews are not so bad after all. It will be much harder to accuse Jews of deicide (murder of god Jesus) when they all love Jesus as much as the Christians.
  2. Perhaps Jesus/Yeshua is a deity and messiah after all. I mean, there’s no way to prove with 100% certainty that he is not, am I right? As Christians like to say, G-d can do anything, so why limit Him? Since this is the case, embracing Jesus will be a kind of an insurance policy for Jews, you know, in case we were actually wrong about him for the last two thousand years. For the very same reason, may be the Jewish people should accept Muslim beliefs as well, since they are almost as popular as the Christian ones and just as dangerous for Jews, if not more so, and we can’t prove that they are 100% nonsensical either. After all, nobody wants to end up embarrassed for making a bad decision, especially since so many people are already telling you that you are doing it all wrong.
  3. Jesus would have surely approved Jews and Christians intermarrying, since he told all his disciples to love one another and to join one big sheep pen. Christians and Jews mixing together the way some of them already do in Christianity/Messianic Judaism is perhaps a perfect solution for the angst some Jews feel about the rampant Jewish assimilation and intermarriage. Consider that in biology the strongest individuals are those demonstrating the so called hybrid vigor. I propose that Jews intermarrying with Gentiles in the Messianic Movement will equally produce strong “messianic people”, ready to take on the world, not bound to any specific group, especially by ethnicity. All things to all people is the best way to go, to paraphrase Apostle Paul.
  4. Christians always warn us that Jesus may come back very soon, at any moment (after all, he promised and he was never wrong about anything) and will destroy all unbelievers, including Jews who refuse to bow their knee to him. But what if the Christians are right? If someone told me over and over that so and so is coming to hurt me, would I not get ready for it and not simply brush it off as nonsense? Of course I would prepare, perhaps arm myself with some weapons or call the police! What better way to be ready than for Jews to start believing in Jesus and avoid this problem in the first place. This way, may be he’ll go with his wrath after some other folks, like the Muslims. Well, may be not the Muslims, since they too already believe in Jesus. But you know what I mean.

Will Jews really be ashamed, mourn and grieve when they see their messiah?

February 24, 2016

Christianity claims that by rejecting Jesus, by not accepting him either as messiah or a deity, Jews (those who survive death and destruction of being judged by G-d for their refusal to worship Jesus) will be shamefaced when Jesus finally returns. The Jewish people(but apparently not the Romans) will horrible for “murdering Jesus” 2000 years ago and will collectively cry about it. Is there any truth to these claims and what does the Hebrew Bible have to say about it?

Daily Minyan

jesus_chrsit_second_comingMany Christians (including their Hebrew Roots or messianic co-religionists) believe that the Jewish people will not celebrate and rejoice when their messiah comes, as Jews believed for thousands of years. At least this will certainly not be their first reaction at all. Christianity has always held and still does, that Jews will instead grieve and mourn when Jesus returns to earth during his “second coming”. Jews will be ashamed and embarrassed at the sight of Jesus! According to many Christians, the whole of Israel will be stricken to its heart because “they killed Jesus” during his first coming, have “sinfully” rejected him both as messiah and god, and thus suffered all this time for obstinately refusing to worship Jesus as god or the the son of G-d. But will this really be the case or are these Christians grossly mistaken in their view of the future of Israel? Will Jews really mourn their disbelief in Jesus as many in the Christendom predict? Or…

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Article: No Religious Coexistence – A refutation of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s “Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity”

February 19, 2016

coexistRabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

A refutation of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s “Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity,” and a clarification of Torah’s true view of Christianity based on God’s words and the prophets.

God equates with truth, and no consideration must obscure those truths. For by obscuring truth, we mislead ourselves, other Jews, and gentiles. Jews and Christians share a close relationship today built on honesty and openness. As religions conflict on core tenets, religionists agree that all religions cannot be God’s word, for He does not contradict Himself. Only one religion is God’s word. Intelligence alone will determine this.

In his “Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity”, Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin writes: Read more…

So, my Jewish daughter found out about Jesus on play date

January 14, 2016

like_childrenMy 2nd-grader daughter came from her play date just the other day and let us know that her playmate friend told her that “G-d has a son”. This sent me and my wife scrambling. You see, my oldest kid has exactly one non-Jewish playmate (and many Jewish ones). The two, one could say, became friends even before they were born. My then expecting wife met that girl’s mother in the vestibule of the doctor they shared. The two kids were born days apart. Since then, they had many uneventful play dates. But the last one made us rethink that relationship.

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Do West and Christianity represent Esau and Edom?

January 5, 2016

EsauBy Meir Levin

The rabbinic identification of Rome with the Biblical figure of Esau is basic to the traditional understanding of much of the relevant sections of Chumash Bareishis [Genesis]. Esau’s faults and shortcomings as well as his complex and tortured relationship with his brother Yakov was seen by the Rabbis through the prism of this identification, so much so that the conflict of these two brothers typifies the struggle for spiritual and moral supremacy between Rome and Jerusalem. Read more…

Apostle Paul, the great confuser-in-chief and “messianic rabbi Shaul”

December 28, 2015

saint_paulNeither consistency nor his ability to explain were Apostle Paul’s strong points. Take these few gems of his for example:

But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code. (Romans 7:6)

To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law, though I myself am not under the law, so as to win those under the law. (1 Corinthians 9:20)

Numerous excuses for Paul are offered by messianics (who prefer to see Paul as “rabbi Shaul”) these days and I’ve heard them all (and even used them myself in my messianic days). “It’s not Torah that Paul meant, it’s “law of sin”. Or, “it’s not Torah, it’s the Jewish “legalism” he was against”, or “law of Christ is Torah too”, etc. Even if Paul somehow didn’t mean what he said, the way he said it is how his later disciples who came to understand him. Not just this verse, but many things he has written. Not thousands of years later, but in the very beginning of Christianity’s development. How early was the poor Paul “misunderstood”? Even the book of Acts, a whitewashing work of a Pauline apologist written at the end of first century (or even the beginning of the second, according to some scholars), records that this is how Jews in the first century understood Paul, which means that he was widely known even among Jewish Christians to be teaching against Torah from the very beginning!

Eusebius, a famous Church father, had this to report about the Jewish Christians’ view of Paul: Read more…

Missing the obvious: does Jesus qualify to be the Messiah according to either of his two genealogies?

December 24, 2015

Something timely in time for Christmas:

Daily Minyan

Mother of G-d? Is yours a Biblical faith of Israel or pagan idolatry? According to the New Testament, a virgin girl by the name of Mary was chosen to become the mother of G-d in the flesh. Her human seed was somehow merged with a pre-incarnate second person of a Tri-une G-d. Thus was born Jesus, a divine yet also fully human child, offspring of a human mother and deity.

The Hebrew Bible tells us that all of us human beings have been made in G-d’s image. What this means is that our Maker has gifted us with many special qualities that reflect His own nature, not the least of which is our ability to think, to discern and understand. Dear reader, this is exactly what I am proposing that you do – think for yourself, use your G-d-given gift to reason, to weigh facts and grasp them. I am going to lay…

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