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Will Jews really be ashamed, mourn and grieve when they see their messiah?

February 24, 2016

Christianity claims that by rejecting Jesus, by not accepting him either as messiah or a deity, Jews (those who survive death and destruction of being judged by G-d for their refusal to worship Jesus) will be shamefaced when Jesus finally returns. The Jewish people(but apparently not the Romans) will horrible for “murdering Jesus” 2000 years ago and will collectively cry about it. Is there any truth to these claims and what does the Hebrew Bible have to say about it?

Daily Minyan

jesus_chrsit_second_comingMany Christians (including their Hebrew Roots or messianic co-religionists) believe that the Jewish people will not celebrate and rejoice when their messiah comes, as Jews believed for thousands of years. At least this will certainly not be their first reaction at all. Christianity has always held and still does, that Jews will instead grieve and mourn when Jesus returns to earth during his “second coming”. Jews will be ashamed and embarrassed at the sight of Jesus! According to many Christians, the whole of Israel will be stricken to its heart because “they killed Jesus” during his first coming, have “sinfully” rejected him both as messiah and god, and thus suffered all this time for obstinately refusing to worship Jesus as god or the the son of G-d. But will this really be the case or are these Christians grossly mistaken in their view of the future of Israel? Will Jews really mourn their disbelief in Jesus as many in the Christendom predict? Or…

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  1. February 29, 2016 12:02 pm

    Jewish Newspapers and Christian Missionaries:

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