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Jewish poet answers Jewish convert to Christianity

December 9, 2014

argueSolomon ben Reuben Bonfed was a rabbi who lived in late 14th and early 15th century Spain. In his day, many conversos (Jews who converted to Christianity) actively and often quite aggressively sought to convert their former brethren to their new faith. To do this, some of these apostates from Judaism employed their knowledge of Hebrew and the Jewish scriptures in order to prove various Christian dogmas. To prove something to unbelievers, especially to Jews, to convince them to accept Jesus and associated beliefs, has always been one of the fundamental tasks of Christians and it continues to this very day. One such convert was Astruc Remoch of Fraga, who took on the name Francisco Dias-Carni upon his conversion. Francisco, in his new identity, would write feverishly to Jews of Spain in defense of the Trinity, hoping to persuade them to leave Judaism, embrace Jesus and convert to Christianity as he did. Most of the Jews who received his letters didn’t dare to answer him in a manner which may have been interpreted by the Church authorities as an attack on Christianity, an offense often punished by death. One Jew and poet, however, by name of Rabbi Solomon ben Reuben Bonfed, was a bit bolder in his reply to Francisco, in a form of rhyming prose (the full contents of which I will post on the blog later). Here’s one poignant, if sarcastic, excerpt:

You pervert and misinterpret biblical verses in order to establish the trinity. If you had a quaternity [DM: that is a god who is four-in-one] you would be able to prove it, too, from the Old Testament just as strikingly and convincingly. (Solomon ben Reuben Bonfed, satirical poet)

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  1. December 12, 2014 1:27 pm

    Jesus wasn’t a christian. Jesus didn’t start christianity. Paul did not start it either. The New Testament makes no claim of this.

    Why would people convert to a religion that isn’t in the bible?….Judaism is the most mirrored religion in our modern era of 2014 C.E. But not even Judaism (the name) is mentioned in the bible but Judaism through action shows more in common with the bible then christianity.

    Christians can’t show biblically why they meet on sunday- Judaism can show biblically why they meet on Shabbat at synagogue [book of Ezra] and Jesus in the New testament followed the synagogue model and was a rabbi himself.

    Christians can’t show biblically why they celebrate christmas or easter or pentecost.

    Judaism can show biblically why they celebrate, hanukkah, passover, shavuot, the omer, sukkot, yom kippur, rosh chodesh, purim, rosh hashanah.

    This post is interesting because its saying that a jew should convert to christianity even though the new testament is actually a Judaism itself.

  2. December 12, 2014 2:04 pm

    New Testament is a product of Greek speaking Gentile church scribes writing down oral stories of Jesus’ by then mythical exploits. The characters in the stories were Jews but the authors themselves were anything but. In some instances they show some familiarity with Judaism and its most common proto-rabbinic teachings of the day but in many cases they showcase blatant ignorance (and often deliberate distortion) of its very basics. (Very similar to many modern day missionaries to Jews.) They were hostile to Judaism and Jews while at the same time trying to build a new religion on the already long established Jewish foundation (Islam would repeat this very feat, building yet another supersessionist religion, now on both Judaism AND Christianity, while pouring hatred on them both). How it turned out is known by their fruit, to quote Jesus.

    That is to say that the very first Jews who mistakenly followed Jesus thinking he was a messiah were Jews in all respects. They didn’t worship Jesus (otherwise they would not be allowed into the Temple or “spoken well by all the people” as Acts claims) because that would be idolatry and thus they were not Christians, but were rather a messianic sect, one among many. But the new religion of Christianity, built up by Paul (who was quite likely neither a Jew nor a Pharisee, but a liar) and his followers, is not Judaism because it worships another god, a man-god and voids G-d’s Torah. So, any Jew who chooses to worship Jesus and to believe the teachings about him as found in a New Testament has adopted a foreign faith and a foreign god.

  3. January 15, 2015 10:15 am

    i’d like to use this quote on Jews4Jesus proselytes

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